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red ford radio

Co-Directed by Jacqueline Castel & Preston Spurlock

From Go Grey on Siltbreeze Records



I co-directed this video with close friend and fellow filmmaker & animator Preston Spurlock, which we made entirely on the flatbed of a B&W photocopier. Going through old women’s magazines from junk stores, we’d see so many of the same types of images reappear over and over again. The images almost became hypnotic meditations on the mythology of the American woman and mass culture consumption. We wanted to make a “replacement animation”-style video, where the illusion of movement is created by popping between completely different found images, reinforcing the idea that these women, products, and lifestyles were in themselves completely interchangeable. Two films in particular that we used as reference were This is a Recorded Message by Jean-Thomas Bédard, and Mothlight by Stan Brakhage.


The Fader (Premiere)


Self-Titled Magazine



Ann Arbor Film Festival 2011
SXSW Film Festival 2011

New Media Doc Lab, International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL

Vid-Yo! Women in Contemporary Video at SAW Gallery, Arboretum Arts Festival, Ottawa, CA 

Ottawa Explosion Music Festival, CA 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival  

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