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GARY WAR // Highspeed Drift

From Horribles Parade on Sacred Bones Records 


PRESS (select) 

"War's music might be hard to get into, but having a video directed by Jacqueline Castel that looks like a lost VHS tape of an alien invasion may actually help the skeptics find something to grasp onto."



"Shot on archaic formats – VHS and PXL-2000 PixelVision – this video for "Highspeed Drift" feels like the kind of thing you'd find in the dumpster behind the headquarters of a New Age cult."

"The video for "Highspeed Drift" just adds to the feeling that Gary War's songs are being beamed to us directly from the Bermuda Triangle."

"Some high-level conspiracy theorists have contacted us regarding this Gary War video who think Gary War are probably Masons hiding the secret to Kennedy's assassination, 9/11, Roswell, and the staged moon landing inside gold orbs they've stashed in some bunker in the middle of the Pacific, or maybe at Jones Beach somewhere."



SCREENINGS (select) 

Ann Arbor Film Festival 2010
Boston Underground Film Festival 2010
Chicago Underground Film Festival 2010
Straight to Video Presents: Lo-Fi Sci-Fi 2012
Spectacle Theater Brooklyn, NY 2012
SXSW Film Festival 2012

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