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a portrait of
caleb landry jones & katya zvereva


A Slice of a Dream is a lush exploration of the senses, a portal into the forbidden realm of intimacy after over a year of covid isolation. It was born of a desire to feel again, an act of remembrance for what had been lost.


What initially began as a series of spontaneous photographic experiments, created in my studio in the spring of 2021, transformed into a hallucinogenic, erotic portrait of two artists: actor and musician Caleb Landry Jones and his partner, the painter, printmaker, and sculptor Katya Zvereva. Witnessing this unrehearsed, tender, and vulnerable act felt revelatory as a filmmaker, and I responded creatively with the same raw instinct. There were no interruptions or repetitions of the performance, because I wanted this happening to evolve naturally while I experimented with how to reveal what I felt in the room.  


The visual effects are a reflection of this transcendental state, a channeling of our collective energy created entirely in-camera via a series of distorted holographic films. The resulting document is a fever dream, a charged psychedelic love spell edited to fragments of recordings from Caleb’s 2021 record “Gadzooks Vol. 1.” 


A Slice of A Dream also pays homage to experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger, by featuring the same scrying mirror from his 1954 masterpiece "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,” a piece on loan from a private collection that was previously owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.



NOWNESS Premiere 

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